PRO Targeted Pétanque Mat 110x110cm

Targeted Pétanque is played like traditional pétanque and with the same rules .

Head to head, doublet or triplet. Maximum number of boules on the court 12.

It can be played indoors or outdoors with synthetic balls.

Point counting

The points are counted according to the location and the district where the ball is placed.

In the case of a ball placed on the line, the lower point is counted.


The Pro target is also used for precision shooting competitions diameter 1mx1m

4 specific rules

. If you place a jack it is always placed in the center of the target at the start of the game.

It can move during the game under the same conditions as traditional pétanque.

If you don't have a jack, the printed central point serves as the goal.

. The boules of the same person or of the same team are accumulated until an opponent's boule comes to stop the count by taking the point.

. The games are played in 26 points (13 points if you do a "Blitz")

-> Players must announce this rule before starting

. If you play with point balls, the game is 52 points.

You can mark your synthetic balls. Each ball must have a different value (1, 2 or 3 point ball) in this case the coefficient applies to the square for example: a 2 point ball on a 4 = 8 point square. This differential with Values balls brings a very interesting strategic notion to the game.


Training, games, contests, tournaments, company activities… family games.

You can use all types of synthetic balls provided they correspond to the diameter and weight of the metal balls. The current balls are 72 or 74 in diameter and weigh 680gr.


Center of the target between 6 and 10m from the throwing circle as in classic pétanque.

2 types of mats: Leisure and Competition

The Competition PRO mats measure 110x110cm with a target of 100x100cm

The Loisir rugs measure more than 110cm per side and can go up to 150x150 cm.

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International registered trademark & model INPI and EUIPO

Delivery from early March 2021

PRO Targeted Pétanque Mat 110x110cm

  • Short carpet mat printed and glued onto high density vinyl. Machine cleaning or carpet cleaner, or jet and soapy water or Karcher.

    Play only with synthetic balls.

    Do not play with metal balls.

  • 1st deliveries from the beginning of March 2021.