Play everywhere with even more impressive sensations!

These balls are the same weight and diameter as metal balls.

They are a little more rigid than our 59 euros balls ... The feeling is therefore slightly different. But it is above all a story of feelings ...

Like the previous ones, you can play anywhere: kitchen, living room, garage, terrace, on all non-abrasive or sharp surfaces such as: parquet, tiles, carpet, concrete ...

So you have a solution for playing with family and friends indoors in cold weather.

Easily transportable with their rigid case, their storage is optimized, you can stack them without them deforming. The foam cells where the balls are located protect them while maintaining their perfectly round shape for a long time.

In order to play easily on smooth and hard surfaces, the Cochonnet has a small flat area to put it down and that it does not move.

These new balls are only available in Dark Gray and Light Gray.

6 Premium Synthetic Balls 680gr / 72mm

  • In order to provide you with maximum service, delivery is made to your home by Colissimo within 8 to 10 days. We apply the post office rate.